Git 'er Done in 2010!

Starts Here

Starts Now

Starts When YOU Do!

There is no secret to creating and living (and LOVING!)
the Life of Your Dreams!
The skills, tools and resources have been known for a long, long time.

The Problem Is...
them done
when you're tired and distracted
at the end of a long, busy day,
on a cold, rainy Thursday,
in April,
THAT'S the mystery!

(Fortunately, we can help with that part.)

Hi! I'm Philip Humbert and one of my top goals for 2010 is to help a few hundred other people make this new year their "Best Year EVER!"

Here's the thing. Most people are smart, ambitious, and skilled. Almost all of you will start the year with clear, written goals. Most of you will have a set of plans or budgets, and of course you'll start with the very best of intentions.

So, why does goal-setting so often...end so badly?
 Why do most years end up with so little measurable progress?
 Why are "New Year's Resolutions" such a bad joke?
 Why do "goal-setting workshops" sound so good and end with so much frustration?
Why do even smart, progressive companies hesitate to even set goals anymore?

Here's Why...

Life gets in the way. If you've read my newsletter or attended my workshops or heard me speak, you know I'm a bear for SYSTEMS! Now, it's true, most people already have systems. Human beings create and use systems for almost every part of our lives.

So -- Here Are Three VITAL QUESTIONS:

Are your SYSTEMS Achieving Your Goals?
Are Your SYSTEMS Creating the Life You Want?

Humans depend on systems to create the life we want, every single day. We have systems for getting up, getting showered and ready for the day. (One showers first, the other showers second. She fixes breakfast, he gets the kids ready. One takes the bus, the other drives the car. Recognize that or something like it? It's a SYSTEM!)

We all have various systems for saving and spending, for grocery shopping, for fitness, for doing our work and achieving our goals. The question is, are your systems achieving the results you want? Are they working for you?

A key to the systems most people use is the
"Do-It-Yourself, By Yourself" Model!

See if this rings a bell:

We humans like setting our own goals, organizing our own time, running our own show, and "pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps." We are determined that "this time it will be different! I'll stick to my diet. I'll save every payday. I'll exercise 4 times a week. This time, I'll MAKE MYSELF DO IT! -- I SWEAR I will! -- Trust me. -- THIS TIME IT'LL BE DIFFERENT!"

Been there, done that?

We all have.

The trouble is that without a system, the best intentions and the strongest self-discipline are not enough. We need people to cheer us on, to give us advice, to comfort us when things go badly and to celebrate with us when things go well. We need resources and skills and tools. Most of all, we need feedback so we know when we're we can correct, get back on track and finish strong!

Here (finally!) Is The Solution!

We have a System

Based on a monthly LIVE support from smart people,

Who have an Agenda

That puts YOU FIRST


Does that sound good to you?
It sure does to me!)


How It Works -- in 4 Easy Steps:

...Multiple Teachers
...Twelve (or more!) Calls
...Fifty-Two Weeks
...Life Changes...FOREVER!

Step 1:  You have probably signed up for and downloaded my Goal-Setting 101™ workbook. (If not, you'll get a copy as soon as you register for this program!) If you've been disappointed with other goal-setting books or workshops, I think you'll be delighted! This is works!

Step 2:  Along with the Goal-Setting 101™ workbook, you will ALSO get 12 email coaching sessions. (There's nothing to do--they are INCLUDED!) These 12 tools are designed to keep you focused, on-track, motivated and encouraged all year long! By themselves they can make this year's goal-setting process far more effective than ever before. (After-all, they are the beginning of a... SYSTEM!)

Step 3:  Now the BEST PART! You are eligible to be part of Git 'er Done in 2010, a monthly group of strong, ambitious, determined (and fun-loving!) folks who are going to do more, learn more, make more (and some will lose more--weight!) than ever before! This is the STEP THAT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE! We all need support, encouragement and focus. The group calls do that for you!

Step 4:  Details, it's all in the DETAILS! The first week of each month, we get together on a conference call. I'll provide information and coaching. We'll go through that month's email, expanding it, answering questions, making sure it WORKS for YOU! That's the GENIUS of this thing!

You set the goals. You defined the objectives and committed yourself. NOW GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF A TEAM...A SYSTEM...FOR SUCCESS!


The Rest of the Details:

  • The cost for all of this is only $117 for the ENTIRE YEAR! That's nothing! It really is almost too low...some folks won't sign up because they figure it won't be worth of my colleagues charges more than that per month (Yikes!) and fills his groups...but I want you to DO THIS! So I set the price at less than the cost of lunch once a month! Heck, it's not much more than lunch at McDonalds--and your waist (and your heart!) will thank you for doing this rather than having another greasy burger each month! You cannot pass this up!

  • You Get A MasterMind Partner! You'll have the option (no pressure, no obligation) of being paired with an accountability partner or a MasterMind team. Those who wish will have the option of getting my book on MasterMind teams, and meeting throughout the year to brainstorm and support each other. THIS IS POWERFUL -- DO NOT MISS THIS!

  • You Get 4 Bonus Recordings! I've put links to download FOUR of the best calls I've ever done, my talks on Financial Freedom, Personal Eco-Systems™ from the World Class Life Mastery Program! By themselves, they are a $100 value! You can download and listen to them as soon as you register!

  • Surprise "EXTRA" Calls! I just got off the phone with four FIVE of my own mentors and colleagues who have agreed to provide BONUS calls during the year! People are calling me because they want to be part of this! (Who knows how many bonus calls we might end up with through the year?) And...they will BE RECORDED so you'll have them forever! These are experts who routinely charge a ton for this, but  they want to be involved and they've agreed to jump in! I'm delighted! Check this out:

Dr Dennis Perry
Over the past years Dr Perry has built a loyal following for his expertise in creating wealth and financial security. He has worked with folks like Bob Proctor, Loral Langemeier and a host of others. He's an expert on real estate investing and you don't want to miss this!

Debbie Mrazek
I've become a "raving fan" of Debbie! She's the absolute BEST I've ever met in terms of sales, marketing, building your business and making sense of business leadership. Her book, The Field Guide to Sales, is fantastic and she got the highest ratings of any speaker we've ever had at our World Class Life conference. You're in for a treat!

Joanna Brandi
Joanna trained with Dr Martin Seligman (the founder of the Positive Psychology movement and past President of the APA!) on maximum happiness and positive living in daily life! She's in constant demand as a dynamic speaker and this is gonna be fantastic!

Jerry Pinney

The Art of Managing People!  How do you ensure that good people obtain great results? Do you have the best systems in place to help your team become stars? We hit our goals by working with people--and Jerry you can help us be powerfully more effective. This is key!

Dr Pierre Angier
Dr Angier has been coaching people and treating patients for over 25 years. He KNOWS about health, wellness, prevention, self-care and getting every bit of joy out of life! I was blown away when he volunteered to share his info with us--don't miss this!


Our Schedule and Topics:

The "normal" Schedule:

-- Your monthly lesson will be emailed the first FRIDAY of each month

-- Group calls will be on WEDNESDAYS at 8:00 PM Eastern time

-- ALL CALLS WILL BE RECORDED! You'll have access to them forever!

-- Bonus calls will be scheduled "from time to time" usually in the evenings Eastern Time.

NOTE: The call times & dates may change to accommodate the participants, and of course the recordings let you listen any time. We want you to be present on the LIVE CALLS!



Email Lesson Goes Out

Date of Call

Focus of the Month

January 1/1/2010 1/6/2010 Your Schedule for Success
February 1/29/2010 2/3/2010 Review Your Goals, Design Your Outcomes
March 2/26/2010 3/3/2010 Systems Beat Effort, Every Time
April 4/2/2010 4/7/2010 Your Success Partners
May 4/30/2010 5/5/2010 The 1, 2, 3-Percent Solution
June 6/4/2010 6/9/2010 Half-way! Review, Renew & Re-commit
July 7/2/2010 7/7/2010 Your Summer of (Super-Productive) Discontent
August 7/30/2010 8/4/2010 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
September 9/3/2010 9/8/2010 Maintain Momentum, Git ‘er Done!
October 10/1/2010 10/6/2010 Falling Forward: The Sprint to Victory
November 10/29/2010 11/3/2010 The Harvest!
December 11/26/2010 12/1/2010 Review, Assess, Spring Forward in 2011


"We are what we repeatedly do."

     --- Artistotle

Repeatedly working by yourself, setting and failing
to achieve your goals, using "self-discipline" or
"effort" is NOT a fun--or productive--path!

Join us for regular, invigorating calls
to Stay on Track...
Stay Focused...
Stay Motivated...

Special, Limited-time BONUSES!

OK, I am not a fan of the websites that offer a thousand dollars in "free bonuses" to sign up for a $49 product! Like, come on! If it's a good deal, price it accordingly and let's get on with it. If it's not a good product at a fair price, a boat-load of bonuses isn't going to impress me. Instead, my goal is to play fair, give value, and create win-win solutions. BUT...I also understand that time-limited bonuses do motivate folks and I do want you to TAKE ACTION, SIGN UP and DO THIS!

So, here's the deal:

Last summer we did a remarkable series called the World Class Life Mastery Program that included 4 of the best talks I've ever given on creating and living a World Class Life! The four calls were:

  • Design and Build the Perfect Life

  • Principle-Driven Living: Goals that Fit

  • The Perfect Eco-System: Making Success Easy, Automatic and Foolproof!

  • The Complete Package: Success Is Achievement Plus Tons Of Happiness

I'll GIVE YOU ALL FOUR AUDIOS as part of this package! Just register and you'll get the link to download and listen.

So, here's the "Full Meal Deal"

1.  You get my ebook, Goal-Setting 101™
2.  You get 12 monthly email coaching lessons
3.  You get 12 monthly group coaching calls
4.  You get recordings of the calls to review forever!
5.  You get 5 BONUS calls from experts like Dr Dennis Perry, Deb Mrazek,
     Joanna Brandi, Dr Angier and Jerry Pinney. (I suspect there will be
     more, but can't promise at this me, I'm always looking
     to add value!)
6.  You get my recordings of 4 of the BEST TALKS I've ever given
     on creating and living a World Class Life

ALL THIS...for only $117, less than the cost of lunch every month!

Come on, LET'S DO THIS! You'll never find a better deal, anywhere!

If you already have the
Perfect World Class Life...

You may not need this program. BUT...if you

  • "Know this stuff"--but have trouble using it in daily life
  • Are often frustrated with the "little things"
  • Have attended the workshops and conferences or...
  • Have "read the books" and taken the classes but...
  • Absolutely know life could be SO MUCH BETTER!
  • Are READY for a change, for TRANSFORMATION...

This is Your Time!
This is The Place!
This is the ONE You've Been Looking For!


"We become what we think about all day long."
     --- Robert Schulller


"Deciding to attend the WCL was the best decision I've made since I asked Sue to marry me! I didn't think I could afford it. I didn't have the time. I didn't want to fly, but I am SO THANKFUL I did! I've got clarity and focus, energy and tools I've never had before. Your presentation was wonderful and the location is sublime! Thank you, THANK YOU!"
-- John Marckey, Syracuse, NY




NOTE: This is NOT an "unconditional guarantee!"
Sign up for this amazing program, complete the workbook and participate in the calls. If after six months you have done "your part" (attended all the calls, read the reports, done the homework) and don't feel it's worth more than you paid, for ANY REASON, just let me know. I'll immediately send a FULL REFUND. That's my promise to you.
             -- Phil Humbert
           President & CEO,
                                   The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc.






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