Turn OFF Talk Radio And Turn ON Your
University on Wheels!

For less than the cost of a college textbook you can transform your car into a "university on wheels" and your daily commute into a personal empowerment zone!)

You Deserve a Life of Peace, Passion,
Power, Purpose and Prosperity!

If You don't currently have the life you want, which of the following describe you?

  • Anxious, confused, or unfocused in life?

  • Eating too much or too little, losing vitality?

  • Spending too much money while earning, saving and investing too little for the future?

  • Not sure who you are or where you're going in life?

There Is An Answer!

Audio Programs for Your Success!

"We become what we think about all day long."
-- Dr Robert Schuller

Dr Philip Humbert here with a reminder that one of the most powerful ways to change your life is to surround yourself with educational and motivational tools, and audio programs are perhaps the single BEST way to do that!

  • Turn your car into a "university on wheels!"

  • Turn you daily commute into a daily empowerment zone!

  • Use your workout for mental fitness as well as physical fitness!

  • Inspire and motivate yourself every single day!

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Alive, Awake & Aware!

I am delighted to introduce my audio program (and my book!) "Alive, Awake and Aware!" Don't we all want to be truly, fully, vibrantly ALIVE, AWAKE, and AWARE every day of our lives? Deep down, aren't we all longing to truly LIVE flat-out, to the very limits of our potential?

Think of those times when your body has literally vibrated with excitement! Remember when a new insight or discovery has changed your life and your world has been transformed! THAT'S how we want to live, isn't it!?  I thought so!


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Audio Programs for YOU!

I've recorded these programs (with Ruth King) specifically to remind you of timeless truths and to empower you to live every day to its fullest.

  • We start with self-awareness because every thing we do, say, think, or attempt begins with desire. Everything begins with a thought or inspiration, with a belief or intuition that we can do it! Success, and a great life, begin with better thinking!
  • Secondly, we look at our partnerships and closest friendships because as the poet noted, none of us is "an island." To achieve a great life we need people! To enjoy the richness of life we need solid relationships, we need business partners, we need friends, we need a network of people to support, encourage and cheer us on. The second part of this program looks at the quality of our relationships.
  • Finally, success is measured by our ability to impact the world and the value of our contribution. It's measured by our ability to persuade, to encourage, to motivate and excite others, and so the third focus of Alive, Awake and Aware is on our social skills. As Zig Ziglar observed, "You can get anything you want in life if you can help enough other people get what they want in life!" 
I want 'em!
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The Benefits You Can Expect:

  • Clarity and focus to define and achieve your most important goals
  • Practical, real-world ideas to take you forward efficiently, effortlessly and effectively
  • Support to focus on your top priorities, every day
  • Powerful, practical tools to improve your self-awareness, self-acceptance and personal power. The more you know yourself, the more you like yourself, and the more you believe in yourself!
  • Inspiration and the courage to "go for it!" We all have dreams and ideas that if acted upon, would transform our lives and the lives of everyone we touch. Unfortunately, most of us never take action! Don't let that be you! ACT! This program can help!


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The Ultimate Convenience:

Audio programs let you listen anywhere, any time, as often as you like. Listen in your car (highly recommended!) or listen while you jog. Listen while you fix dinner, sit on the patio, or listen with friends or business associates. Use them to start family discussions, or to remind yourself of your most important values, beliefs and priorities.

Millions of people testify that audio programs by Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Marianne Williamson, and a host of others have been the key that changed their lives forever. Dr. Denis Waitley's "The Psychology of Winning" (from 1976) is reported to be the biggest selling audio program in history and it has changed thousands of lives. Let this be YOUR time!


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Buy the Whole Set, or Just the CD's You Want!

Where most programs make you buy "all or nothing," I thought it made sense to let you choose each CD individually, or buy the entire set of 5 CD's depending on your needs and interests. Of course, there is a price break if you buy the whole set (hint, hint!) but the choice is yours.

You can also download the audio files (in .wma format) or we'll ship the CD's to you, for the ultimate in convenience. It's your choice!

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Even Better Together!

Buy the book to "read all about it" and the CD's to listen in your car. The CD's are in interview format so you can listen to Dr Humbert explain each point and discuss it with Ruth King, while you can also study the book, make notes, and read any time, any place that's convenient. A powerful combination and a GREAT bargain! Only $89.95! Click Here! to get the Combo Pac!




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