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Philip E. Humbert, PhD

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Tapes To Build Your Business!

Nothing since the invention of the printing press has been as powerful, universal, and effective as the audio tape cassette!  Over the years, I've purchased and benefitted from literally hundreds of them!  Buy -- and USE! -- these powerful tools to learn new skills, expand your possibilities, and build your professional practice! 

I'm delighted to offer the following 4-tape sets of my own material.  Each set was taped live, during a teleclass with people just like you asking real questions, and getting the information they needed to develop their professional practices and make their businesses more profitable.  (As an extra -- you get to sample the power and "live-ness" of a real teleclass, in case you've never participated in one.) 

"I just finished listening to the last tape of your audiocassette tape series.  I ordered all four sets just before the Christmas holiday.  A great job!  Lots of great insights and I'm already using some of that insight in my own business."  
                                                                      Steven M. Swavely, Ph.D
                                                                      The Entrepreneur's Source

Newsletters.jpg (9421 bytes) Fun, Fame & Fortune with Email Newsletters!
4-hours, on 4 tapes, recorded LIVE during a real teleclass!
$19.95 + $4 S&H within the U.S.

Special!  Order all 4 sets, for ONLY $69.95!  Click Here!

Without question, the MOST POWERFUL business-building tool of the past decade is the ability to stay in frequent, informative and useful communication with current, recent, and POTENTIAL customers via email!   You achieve instant recognition and credibility as an author, as an expert, and as an approachable, likeable professional.  Would the ability to reach thousands of potential customers -- people who have ASKED you to send them information about your expertise, your services, and the BENEFITS of your services help your business?  Of course it would!  My newsletter currently has over 10,000 subscribers and is worth many thousands of dollars per year to me.  Let me tell you how I did it, and how you can do it, too!  (NOTE:  This is not spam!  This series is NOT about sending unwanted or junk email!)  Only $19.95 plus $4.00 S&H.


Teleclasses.jpg (9281 bytes) Making Teleclasses WORK for You!
4-hours, on 4 tapes, recorded LIVE during a real teleclass!
$19.95 + $4 S&H within the U.S.

Special!  Order all 4 sets, for ONLY $69.95!  Click Here!

Imagine being able to teach classes, do group coaching, training sessions, hold a discussion among colleagues, even do a family reunion, by simply dialing a telephone!  Groups of up to 150 people can meet, interact, ask questions, and LEARN together.  Telegroups can be extremely PROFITABLE -- if you know how to organize, advertise, and fill them!  I've made as much as $1200 per hour teaching classes!   And, as a bonus, classes are a powerful marketing tool!  Many students who like my classes, become full-pay, individual clients!  But unfortunately, most teleclasses do NOT fill, and are not profitable.  Now you can learn the techniques I've developed to attract clients and fill my classes with eager participants.    (NOTE:  These tapes are focused on designing, creating, marketing and profiting from teleclasses, not on the specific skills for leading a teleclass.   Watch for that series, coming soon!)
Only $19.95 plus $4.00 S&H. 


JoyFULL.jpg (8794 bytes) The JoyFULL Professional Practice!
4-hours, on 4 tapes, recorded LIVE during a real teleclass!
$19.95 + $4 S&H within the U.S.

Special!  Order all 4 sets, for ONLY $69.95!  Click Here!

I began coaching in 1992, helping my colleagues (mostly Psychologists, Social Workers and other health care professionals) build their professional practices.  Since then, my clients have included virtually every type of professional and entrepreneur, "from Accountants to Veterinarians".  If you are in business for yourself, provide a professional service, and depend on attracting paying clients to build your practice, this series is for you!  I define the "successful" professional practice as one that:  Makes lots of money, attracts large numbers of highly desirable clients, requires little or no marketing, provides tons of personal satisfaction, and it must be effortless!  Yes -- this is possible!  This series is for those who know the truth of the following 2 quotes:  "When you love EVERYTHING about what you do, you'll never work another day in your life", and "Having it all is just the beginning of success!"


Income Streams.jpg (9390 bytes) Mutiple Income Streams for Professionals!
4-hours, on 4 tapes, recorded LIVE during a real teleclass!
$19.95 + $4 S&H within the U.S.

Special!  Order all 4 sets, for ONLY $69.95!  Click Here!

Most professionals earn their entire income from their personal services.  As a Psychologist, I earned money when I saw clients.  When I was sick or on vacation, or the clients didn't show up, I earned nothing!  That's no way to make a living!   And, it was a dis-service to my clients because it gave them only one way to work with me -- individual therapy or nothing.  Every professional owes it to themselves and to their current and prospective clients to offer a range of services -- tapes and classes, books and assessments, consultations, trainings, workshops and newsletters (both free and fee-based).  To build a lucrative, diversified and satisfying practice you need multiple income streams, multiple price points, and a variety of delivery options.   This series was taped primarily with coaches and consultants, but the principles and examples are for every professional!  If you have your own practice, you owe it to yourself to consider the advantages and power of Multiple Income Streams!


Also...Be sure to see Dr Humbert's NEWEST audio set,
"To YOUR Success!"  Click Here!

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