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The Innovative Professional (TIP's):  Our very own newsletter!   Filled with inspiration, motivational nuggets, and proven, practical tips for building your business, making money, and livng the life you really want!  Over 30,000 subscribers can't be wrong!  I'm biased, but this is a great newsletter!  To subscribe:  Click here and send an email to sign up!

Check out the Burt Dubin Speaking Success System!  You'll find new information on how Burt works with people who want to be speakers - and with speakers who want to be masters. Subscribe to the FREE Speaking Biz Success Letter - You'll be glad you did!  This is Michael Angier's collection of newsletters, tips, ideas, and assorted wisdom for increasing both the quantity and the quality of your success.  I've read his newsletter (and he's re-printed a number of my articles) and I like what I see. Check it out!

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Links to Resource Centers, Link Exchanges, Directories

Public Speaking - Information on public speaking including tips to effective public speaking, techniques of public speaking, fear of public speaking, public speaking course, public speaking training, public speaking skills, public speaking topics, public speaking jokes, and public speaking career.  
The online home of "Training for Success", one of the multifamily housing industry's leading sources for training and consulting in the areas of property management, leasing and marketing offers a sampling of articles from Mary Lou's "Training for Success" seminar along with a schedule and information for contracting her consulting services or booking or attending one of her high-energy training seminars.  This is without a doubt the most comprehensive I've found source for articles, products and services aimed at helping you become your best.  Your one-stop resource for workshops, alternative medicine, books, tapes and ideas.  Check it out!  This is Michael Angier's collection of newsletters, tips, ideas, and assorted wisdom for increasing both the quantity and the quality of your success.  I've read his newsletter (and he's re-printed a number of my articles) and I like what I see. Check it out!

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Links to Coaches -- Personal, Business & Relationships 

Margaret Hulse:  World-class coach located on the Isle of Man (England), with a coaching practice that spans the world.  And, something unique about her is that she pays for the the coaching phone calls and will call you by appointment.  Visit her website at:

Sandra Schrift:  Would you like to go from free to fee? Then let me help you. I was a 13 year owner of a national speakers bureau and am now a career telecoach to emerging and veteran public speakers who want to have a profitable speaking business and executives who want to improve their presentation skills.

Louise Morganti Kaelin is a Life Success Coach with a passion for helping others find their inner wisdom, truth and power. Her bi-monthly newsletter The 3-Minute Coach offers tools and action plans to help you create the life you truly want. Visit her website and register to win a free month of coaching!  

Scott Fite is a coach who has been there! Having worked for large corporations, small businesses, governments, and educational institutions, he brings lots of life experience to the coaching table. Stop by his website to sign up for a complimentary session!  Sharina Alongi Adkins, MSA offers business and personal coaching for individuals and organizations who are ready to intentionally create their work and their life. Free motivational newsletter, "Attitudes Matter."

Coach Maria Ginnetti helps today's working parents balance business and family and provides tips you've been seeking in her email newsletter, Shifting Gears.  For help to better manage your work/life balance, visit her site! 

Steve Reiter is particularly skilled at supporting people in moving through emotionally charged life changes, though his clients include those with "lighter" issues, as well. His motto, "Your Partner in Mastering Change", sums up his heartfelt commitment to his clients' "success with fulfillment."

Carwin Dover is a Life Coach and former therapist with experience in marriage, parenting, retail management and marriage & family therapy .  He publishes the weekly  Intentional Partnerships Newsletter, and past editions are archived at his website.  A nice feature of his website is "His Network", where you can meet coaches from around the country who are a part of Carwin's coaching network. 

Broad Horizons Coaching Plus Allison Wemyss is a supportive caring coach who is committed to helping you dramatically change your work and personal life! Why not broaden your horizons!

Relationship Coach Michelle Karaman teaches you how to transform your relationships to create healthy and lasting love.   She offers a refreshingly different way to meet other like minded singles on the Internet with free personal pages.

Paris Mannion  Create Your Indoor Fountain! Intrigued by the sound of moving water in tabletop fountains? Create your island of serenity easily and inexpensively. Follow monthly fountain projects, interviews, building tips, fountain resources in this FREE newsletter.

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Links To Golf Sites and Golf Professionals

The Masters. From the flowering Dogwoods and Magnolias to the unbelievably fast greens, there is nothing else on earth like Augusta National!

Pebble Beach Golf Links. Is this the worlds most perfect golf course? It is certainly one of the toughest, most beautiful and most loved.

In the Beginning, there was St Andrews. The official site of the Trust that manages the courses at St Andrews, including information about the history, traditions of the game and course lay-out.

The Official PGA Tour Site. A vast resource for information about the players, courses, tour stats, and tournament details.

Homepage of the USGA. The official rules of the game and past decisions are now on-line, along with information about the museum at Golf House, and the major tournaments sponsored by the USGA. If you love golf, join the USGA and support your game!

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