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  • Do You Want to Make More, Spend Less, Live Better & Retire Rich?

  • Are You Earning More, but Saving Less?

  • Do You Owe More than You Wish?

  • Do You use Credit Cards More than You Should?

  • Are your Finances Too Complicated?

  • Would you Like Greater Financial Security?

You've Come to the Right Place!
Next Series Begins Tuesday, September 7th!
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I'm Dr. Philip Humbert and I've been coaching individuals, couples, business owners and teenagers on tools for making and saving money for over 15 years. I've owned several businesses (see my bio for more info), I've collected, studied and mastered over 200 books, tapes and seminars on financial success. I've even written a FREE ebook called "Making Money, Creating Wealth: Your Guide to Financial Independence" that over 70,000 people have already downloaded!

Now, I'm offering a 4-week "teleclass" that makes the information from my seminars available to you on the telephone! I first offered the class to my private clients and the response was extremely positive. Then, I offered it through my newsletter and the first session FILLED in 10 days! Now, I offer it because the demand has been fantastic, and the feedback has been wonderful!  (I like getting great reviews!)

NOTE:  Based on requests, I've scheduled the next class to begin September 7th, 2004  Register now!  I expect the class to fill quickly so please sign up today!

Coaching individuals one-on-one can be expensive and time consuming. Now you can get the "best of the best" coaching by calling our class number from any ordinary telephone and participating in a live discussion. I'll teach the class. I'll provide the information and the guidance, but it will be personalized for you! You get to ask your questions! You'll hear real people talk about real situations, and get practical solutions to reach your financial goals.

I provide over 100 pages of guidelines, forms and worksheets - I don't say that to impress you or frighten you. (My classes are never "hard work" - they're fun, educational, exciting and empowering!) I will give you tools to review your current situation and design a customized strategy to create the financial future you truly want.

Use the tools during our 4 weeks together, keep them and review them whenever you want. I've simplified the system so you will actually use it! Nothing is more frustrating that a "system" that requires more effort than it's worth! This one works!

You'll receive numerous emails, each with a "bite-sized" piece of information, spread over the 4 weeks. We'll discuss it. You'll have time -- at your convenience, in the privacy of your home -- to look it over and make any decisions that seem right for you. Then we'll move on to the next step. Easy! Powerful! Repeatable! You WILL use these tools, I guarantee it!


Specifically, what will you get?

  • Week 1:  Taking Stock
    You can and should understand where you are financially, and we can help!  Review your assets and liabilities, manage cash flow, use credit wisely (!), eliminate debt, and establish a plan for your financial independence!

  • Week 2:  Protecting Your Future
    Understand the threats to your finances and protect your most important assets! (Americans face a 25% chance of being hit by one particular financial threat and most are not protected! And, no, it's NOT the threat of being sued!) Lay a solid foundation, and protect your business and family goals, expectations, and financial future!

  • Week 3:  A Strong Launch Pad!
    Developing core, life-time investments, establishing an investment strategy, philosophy and program that is customized for your situation, your risk tolerance and your goals. Create a vision that mobilizes you, and automate the tools to achieve your goals without effort.

  • Week 4:  Live Long and Prosper!
    Manage your investments, create a balanced portfolio, explore a few high-risk, high-reward alternatives, fit your portfolio to changing life situations, leave a legacy, and enjoy a lifetime of financial rewards!  You can do this!  Sign up today and join us!

  You'll Get My FREE Booklet:                
              "101 Ways to Save $101 EVERY WEEK!"
        (Fill in the "Shipping Info" when you register so we can send it to you!)

You'll ALSO Receive:

   ***  Simplified Financial Forms
   ***  Tools to Understand Your Net Worth
   ***  Tools to Manage Your Cash
   ***  Tools to help Eliminate DEBT!
   ***  The Best Information on Family finance, investment, and wealth
   ***  The Excitement and Reward of Taking ACTION!
   ***  Respect for Your Privacy, and...
   ***  Coaching to Encourage and Empower You!

The Details:

     Class Dates:   4 Tuesdays --  Sept 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th
         From 8:00 to 9:00 PM Eastern (New York) time

The Class meets on Tuesday evenings, September 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th, from 8:00 to 9:00 PM Eastern time. We'll send you a phone number and you simply call that number from any standard telephone. You'll automatically be connected to the "classroom", and we'll get started. If you've never taken a teleclass before, or have any questions, simply contact Dr Humbert by email and we'll explain everything. It's very simple! Questions? Send them to me at: 

My Personal 3-Way Guarantee!

Let's face it, anyone can promise anything on the Internet, so, it's essential that you feel completely SAFE in signing up for this class! You deserve nothing less. I'm concerned about you, your finances and your comfort.

Here is my 3-Part Guarantee:              

If you sign up for the class:

1.  You will save MORE than the cost of the class during the 4 weeks!  Participate in the discussions, think about the tips and ideas, and you WILL save more than the cost of the class. If not, let me know and I'll give your money back. Simple. No questions asked.

2.  You will LOVE this class! Attend and participate in all 4 sessions, and if for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied, let me know and I'll give your money back. Simple. No questions asked.

3.  If you MISS a session?  No problem! You may re-take any session (or the entire program) at any time, as often as you wish, forever! Just send me an email, let me know you want to review the material, and I'll send you the time and phone number. Simple. No questions asked.

My Goal?
To make this an absolute "No Brainer"!
Sign up, attend the sessions, let me know what you think!
(Note:  Sorry, no refunds if you don't attend - that's fair, right?)

What do Past Participants Say?
  (Glad you asked!)

  • "Power packed with useful ideas and tools for getting clear about your finances and your relationship with money, and ways to improve both. You will definitely get your money's worth with this teleclass! Phil practices what he preaches."  -- Coach Marilyn O'Hearne (Visit her website.)

  • "I expected something fantastic from you but your financial success class was simply amazing! Because of your teleclass, my husband and I are taking a whole new look at how we do our finances. Even as a beginner I got solid information that will help secure our future. I now know that anyone can accumulate wealth. The class showed us how, and got us into action. The value is incredible, the long term payoff is huge. Thanks!" -- Web Designer Kristie Tamsevicius (Visit her website.)

  • "Phil takes delight in always giving more value than expected. His new teleclass on Financial $uccess is no exception. You can expect not only to get the information and support you need, you'll also get the tools--over 100 pages of guidelines, forms and worksheets. Be prepared to get focused, get started and get wealthy."  -- Publisher Michael Angier  (Visit his website.)

Ready to Sign Up?  Let's Go!   

Your investment for all this is only $79.00 with a COMPLETE fail-safe Money-Back Guarantee! Take Action! Class size is limited to assure quality and personal attention for each participant. Don't miss out! 

Prefer to pay by Phone, Fax or Check? Easy! Just click here.

And, if you know someone who might enjoy (and profit!) from the class, why not take a moment to send them a friendly, personalized, invitation? Just fill in the box, below. I look forward to "seeing" you in the class!


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