You've Got Dreams and Goals!
Now You Need A  Powerful System to Achieve Them!


You need an ACHIEVEMENT SYSTEM that is virtually automatic...

A SYSTEM that is powerful, reliable and effective...

A SYSTEM to help you achieve any goal, any time...

and that is PERSONALIZED just for you!

(We can help with that!)


On the one hand...

There is no secret to creating, living, and LOVING
the Life of Your Dreams! You Can Do This!
You can Achieve Your Goals, Create the Life You Want,
Enjoy Wealth, Prestige, Power, Passion and Joy!

Of course you can! It's EASY!
In the 21st Century, with the Internet,
with the freedom to think, create, and build...
Success is EASY! Thousands have achieved extraordinary
wealth, fame, influence, peace of mind--and so can you!

(The KEY is to understand the SCIENCE of SUCCESS!
You want a dependable RECIPE or a BLUEPRINT
that you can use with 100% reliability


Sadly, on the OTHER hand...

People have been looking for the key to SUCCESS
for thousands of years
and most never, ever find it!

Sure, they have some success--we all do. But the reality is that, especially during this recession, MOST people just muddle through with a mediocre record of some success, some failure, and lots of "just plain average." That is SAD!
It does not have to be this way!


The focus of this program is not primarily on goal-setting. Our focus is helping you ACHIEVE your goals! (We do expect that most participants will commit to achieving new and bigger goals than ever before! And we'll help with that!)

Our main focus is that AFTER folks set goals, they typically do not have a SYSTEM to ACHIEVE the goals, and that leads to frustration. Many people even stop setting goals because they've failed to follow-through in the past and they eventually conclude that, "goals don't work for me."

That's terribly unfortunate! The truth is that a reliable, proven process to help you stay committed, stay focused, and solve the challenges that inevitably arise makes achievement SO MUCH EASIER! The PRIMARY OBJECTIVE of this program is to help you develop a powerful, personalized system that you can you can use to achieve just about any goal, any time you wish.


The PROBLEM is that we never figure out the CONSISTENCY ISSUE. For many people, success never becomes routine, predictable, and exciting! Instead, frustration, confusion and procrastination get tangled together. In the midst of getting to work, taking care of the family, and "getting through the day" there's no time to solve the puzzle. Success and (more often) frustration seem to happen, almost at random.

And so we get discouraged.

The GOOD NEWS is that the skills, tools and resources for repeatable success have been known for a long, long time. The mystery is not whether the tools to consistently achieve extraordinary success exist--of course they do!

The Problem Is...
Finding and applying them.
(Fortunately, we can help with that part.)


I love the truth that anything is "simple when you know how!" There ARE specific, learn-able methods, tools, techniques and procedures that high achievers use over and over, to reach whatever goal happens to be in play at the moment. SUCCESS IS NOT A MYSTERY! As Jim Rohn said, "it is the predictable result of practicing the fundamentals."

The purpose of this program is to give you tools--a repeatable, reliable PROCESS--you can use to reach any goal you choose. Our focus is not primarily to help you achieve one particular goal in 8 weeks, although some will certainly use it that way. The BIGGER purpose is to help you MASTER the process winners use over and over again for a life-time. These are SKILLS WORTH KNOWING!

I hope you'll join us!


Hi! I'm Philip Humbert and one of my goals is to help thousands of people just like you learn and consistently APPLY THE SKILLS, TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES that let some people achieve success far beyond their neighbors and colleagues. Since 1997, my mission has been "to help 100,000 people per year create, live and LOVE lives filled with peace, passion, power, purpose and unusual prosperity!" 



In eight weeks, you will:

1.  Understand how SUCCESS WORKS!
2.  Have SYSTEMS to create success whenever you
3.  Create a
BLUEPRINT you can apply to any goal,
     any time!
Eliminate habits that have stopped you in the past!
5.  Have the
CONFIDENCE to tackle any project
6.  Remove the mystery from
7.  Have goals that reflect your VALUES, PASSIONS
     and PURPOSE!
Overcome "procrastination" FOREVER!


Here's the thing. Most people are smart, ambitious, and skilled. Almost all of us know the power of clear, written goals! We know (or have read or been coached ) about the power and value of plans and budgets, and of course we always start with the very best of intentions.

So, why does it so often end so ... merely average?
Why do our best intentions end up with so little progress?
Why are we so often, so stuck, for so long?
  Why does "goal-setting" sound so good but end with so much frustration?

Why do smart, passionate people get so discouraged?

Here's Why...

If you've read my newsletter or attended my workshops or heard me speak, you know I'm all about the power of SYSTEMS!

Most people's "system" for success is to (1) work very, very hard, while they (2) try and try again, and (3) invest lots of money on guru's, web-programs and personal coaching, seminars or workshops. These things are all wonderful components of a SUCCESS SYSTEM! I believe in and use all of them! But they are only COMPONENTS in a much larger puzzle, a much larger  TOTAL SYSTEM for success!


The MISSING PIECE is a recipe for how success actually works. Most people never take a course on how success is designed, engineered, scheduled, budgeted, and achieved! (Have YOU ever taken a course on how to reliably, consistently guarantee your success over and over again, whenever your wish throughout your life? Have you ever even considered such a thing? --- I didn't think so!)

But there is a Science of Success! For references, I refer you to books like the classic, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill or the more recent book, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. I point to people like Oprah Winfrey, Jack Welch, Bill Gates or perhaps the most helpful model of all, Warren Buffett. He buys good stocks and he avoids bad ones. And he does it over and over, year after year! (How? By following consistent rules and using proven techniques! It's SIMPLE, when you know how!) In a single life-time he's become either the richest man on earth, or (sadly) only the second richest man on earth! He understands there is a consistent, reliable SCIENCE to repeatable success. 


So -- Here Are Three VITAL QUESTIONS:

Are your SYSTEMS Achieving Your Goals?
Are Your SYSTEMS Creating the Life You Want?

Humans depend on systems to create the life we want, every single day. We have systems for getting up, getting showered and ready for the day. (In some homes he showers first, she showers second. She fixes breakfast, he gets the kids ready. One takes the bus, the other drives the car. Recognize that or something like it? If it's a predictable routine, it's also a... SYSTEM!)

We all have systems for saving and spending, for grocery shopping, fitness, for building our careers, for managing our money and achieving our goals. The question is, are your systems achieving the results you want? Are they working for you?

See if this rings a bell:

We humans like setting our own goals, organizing our own time, running our own show, and "pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps." We are determined that "this time it will be different! I'll stick to my diet. I'll save every payday. I'll exercise 4 times a week. This time, I'll MAKE MYSELF DO IT! -- I SWEAR I will! -- Trust me. -- THIS TIME IT'LL BE DIFFERENT!"

Been there, done that?

We all have.

The trouble is that without a SYSTEM and a SCIENCE of SUCCESS the best intentions and the strongest self-discipline are not enough. We need people to cheer us on, to give us advice, to comfort us when things go badly and to celebrate with us when things go well. We need resources and skills and tools. Most of all, we need feedback so we know when we're we can correct, get back on track and finish strong!


Here Is The Solution You Need!

We have a System

that is based on SCIENCE...



And best of all, it is TOTALLY

Does that sound good to you?
It sure does to me!)



I have known Phil Humbert for five years and I am continually amazed at the insights and resources he is able to teach and share. The Science of Success is the latest example of Phil organizing vital information into an exciting, useful system that empowers his students and clients! Phil is a man of vision. He is wise, intuitive and authentic. His commitment to providing the insights and information that can help clients improve their lives and businesses is extraordinary. I am a more effective person because of the ideas and concepts I have learned from Phil.  -- Jerry Pinney,



How It Works -- and What You GET!

  • You get eight weekly TELECLASSES on the SCIENCE OF SUCCESS! We begin on Tuesday, Sep 28th and finish on Nov 16th, before the holidays. (See the schedule, below.) You'll get live teaching, written outlines, email support and LIVE inter-active phone calls to help you really LEARN (not just "study" but actually LEARN and APPLY) the tools for your success! This is a simple, powerful, life-changing SYSTEM you will use forever! (The calls will be recorded so you can download and listen to them again and again, forever!)

  • Eight weekly chapters (eight mini-ebooks) on the SCIENCE of SUCCESS! Each weekend, before our call, you'll receive a written outline, powerful tips, clear examples and inspiring how-to-put-it-into-practice materials so you'll understand (the beginning of learning) and be able to APPLY the material in your own life, whenever your wish, forever!

  • You get TWO of my most popular (and powerful) ebooks! You'll get my Goal-Setting 101™ workbook. Along with your personal copy of my Value-Driven Goal-Setting book! (You'll get BOTH BOOKS as soon as you register!) If you've been disappointed with other goal-setting books or workshops, I think you'll be delighted! These are different...they work!

  • Study Partners! If you wish, we'll try to line you up with a partner for mutual support, accountability and learning through-out the program! And, we've noticed  many of these partners become life-time friends and form MasterMind groups that last for years after the program! No one is required to have a partner--it's strictly optional--but if you wish we will try to match compatible people and give you the power of a mini-MasterMind! That's worth the entire cost of the program!

  • Email Coaching! I've never offered unlimited email support for any of my programs because I figured I'd get that one clown who sends 37 emails a day and I'd be swamped, but I believe so much in this program and the life-changing power and reliability of the Science of Success that I'm taking this chance: If you have any questions or want personal support, ideas, or email coaching at any time during the program, I'm at your service! That is a phenomenal deal and I hope you'll sign up and take advantage of it.

  • Details, it's all in the DETAILS! The first of each week, you will receive a written outline and how-to-put-it-into-practice manual for that weeks' call. Look it over! Read and digest it. You'll have a PRIVATE EMAIL address to send questions or comments for discussion on our weekly call. Then each TUESDAY at 8:00 PM Eastern (New York) time, we'll get on the phone together. We'll go through that week's material, expanding it, answering questions, making sure it WORKS FOR YOU! That's the GENIUS of this thing!

You set the goals. You define the objectives and commit to achievement.



"After years of building a corporate career, I knew something wasn't 'right.' I attended my first World-Class Life Conference and was reminded that I can do anything I want in life and I can create the life of my dreams! Phil's down-to-earth teaching and the support from the group created the absolutely perfect environment for me. I made the changes for me to succeed, and it is wonderful to feel in charge of my life. This... is for anyone interested in making significant positive change!"  -- Michelle Stimpson,



The cost for all of this is only $138 for the ENTIRE Package! That's nothing! It really is almost too low...less than the cost of a nice weekly luncheon! One of my colleagues charges more than three times as much (Yikes!) and still fills his groups...but I want you to DO THIS! NO EXCUSES!  ANYONE CAN AFFORD THIS IF THEY DECIDE TO! So I set the price for the entire eight-week package (with all the bonuses, calls, written materials and personal email coaching!) at less than the cost of a fancy night out with your spouse or the cost of a good show in Vegas! Heck, it's not much more than a good sweater, a new jacket or that cable sports-package you've been considering! You cannot pass this up!

  • You even Get 4 Bonus Recordings! I've put links to download FOUR of the best calls I've ever done, my talks on Financial Freedom and Personal Eco-Systems™ from the World Class Life Mastery Program! By themselves, they are a $100 value! You can download and listen to them as soon as you register!

Our Schedule and Topics:

-- Your weekly written lesson will be emailed the first of each week

-- Group calls will be on TUESDAYS at 8:00 PM Eastern time

-- ALL CALLS WILL BE RECORDED! You'll have access to them forever!

NOTE: The call times & dates may change to accommodate the participants, and of course the recordings let you listen any time. We want you to be present on the LIVE CALLS!



Email Lesson Goes Out

Date of Call

Focus of the Week

Week 1 9/25 9/28 Know Thyself and to Thyself be True: Integrity Matters
Week 2 10/2 10/5 Passion, Power and Purpose: What Are You Trying to Do?
Week 3 10/9 10/12 A New Take on Goals: The Good, The Bad and The Ineffective
Week 4 10/16 10/19 Strategy: How Will You Get There?
Week 5 10/23 10/26 Partners: Assets, Cheerleaders, Critics and the Merely Confused
Week 6 10/30 11/2 Personal Eco-Systems: Creating Micro-Environments to Guarantee Success
Week 7 11/6 11/9 The Joy of Work: Sometimes You Gotta Let 'em See You Sweat
Week 8 11/13 11/16 Celebrate, Review, Learn and Adjust


"We are what we repeatedly do."

     --- Artistotle

Repeatedly working by yourself, setting and failing
to achieve your goals, using "self-discipline" or
"effort" is NOT a fun--or productive--path!

Join us for invigorating weekly calls
to Stay on Track...
Stay Focused...
Stay Motivated...
Develop Skills and Tools to...


  "For Terry and I the process was perfect! He now sees what you're about--and why I'm such an enthusiast about your trainings! The synergy...was extraordinary, and I can't thank you enough for gradually, gently leading me along the path I want to take. Terry says he finally "got it", and we're working on the first couple of the five perfections--eco-system and health. (He actually apologized to me for not understanding earlier!)
-- Fran Ponick, Reston, VA

Special, Limited-time BONUSES!

OK, I am not a fan of the websites that offer a thousand dollars in "free bonuses" to sign up for a product worth only a few dollars! Like, come on! If it's a good deal, price it accordingly and let's get on with it. If it's not a good product at a fair price, a boat-load of bonuses isn't going to impress me. Instead, my goal is to play fair, give value, and create win-win solutions. BUT...I also understand that time-limited bonuses do motivate folks and I do want you to TAKE ACTION, SIGN UP and DO THIS!

So, here's the deal:

Last summer we did a remarkable series called the World Class Life Mastery Program that included 4 of the best talks I've ever given on creating and living a World Class Life! The four calls were:

  • Design and Build the Perfect Life

  • Principle-Driven Living: Goals that Fit

  • The Perfect Eco-System: Making Success Easy, Automatic and Foolproof!

  • The Complete Package: Success Is Achievement Plus Tons Of Happiness

I'll GIVE YOU ALL FOUR AUDIOS as part of this package! Just register and you'll get the link to download and listen.

So, here's the "Full Meal Deal"

1.  You Get 8 Teleclasses on the new Science of Success™
You Get 8 mini-ebooks on the Skills of Success™
  You Get my ebook, Goal-Setting 101™
4.  You Get my ebook, Value-Driven Goal-Setting!™
5.  You Get an Accountability Partner if you wish!
You Get unlimited email support and personal coaching!
7.  You Get recordings of the calls to review forever!
8.  You Get recordings of 4 of the BEST TALKS I've ever
     given on creating and living a World Class Life

ALL THIS...for only $138, less than a nice lunch each week!

Come on, LET'S DO THIS! You'll never find a better deal, anywhere!

If you already have a

You may not need this program. BUT...if you

  • "Know this stuff"--but have trouble using it
     in daily life
  • Are often frustrated with the "little things"
  • Have attended the workshops and conferences or...
  • Have "read the books" and taken the classes but...
  • Know life could be SO MUCH BETTER!
  • Are READY for a change, ready for TRANSFORMATION...

This is Your Time!
This is The Place!
This is the ONE You've Been Looking For!


"We become what we think about all day long."
     --- Robert Schulller


"Deciding to attend the WCL was the best decision I've made since I asked Sue to marry me! I didn't think I could afford it. I didn't have the time. I didn't want to fly, but I am SO THANKFUL I did! I've got clarity and focus, energy and tools I've never had before. Your presentation was wonderful and the location is sublime! Thank you, THANK YOU!"  -- John Marckey, Syracuse, NY




NOTE: This is NOT an "unconditional guarantee!"
Sign up for this amazing program, read the materials and participate in each of the LIVE calls. At the end of the program, if you have done your part (attended all the calls, read the reports, done the homework) and don't feel it's worth more than you paid, for ANY REASON, just let me know. I'll immediately send a FULL REFUND. That's my promise to you.
             -- Phil Humbert
           President & CEO,
                                   The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc.











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