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Tools for the Mind!

"We become what we think about
 all day long
-- Dr Robert Schuller


This site is dedicated to giving you the tools you
need to create the life you truly want.
That is our only goal!

The site is owned by The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc, and for over 30 years we have helped thousands of individuals, families, and companies achieve their goals. Our mission is simple: "We help 100,000 people per year to achieve their dreams, reach their goals and live lives of peace, passion, power, purpose and unusual prosperity." (We refer to it as "the 5-p's".)

We're glad you've come, and we encourage you to scan the tools, books, audio programs and other resources we have collected. We have personally used each and every one of them, and I (Phil Humbert) personally recommend them.

Of the thousands of resources and tools on the web, these are the ones that have actually been effective for me and my clients. These are the ones that make a difference! You have my word on it!

And, should you purchase anything that fails to live up to that promise in any way, if it even slightly lets you down, please contact me immediately so I can discuss it with the author or distributor. My personal email is:

Phil Humbert, Pres.,
The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc.

Our Philosophy:

The quality of our lives is primarily determined by the quality of our thinking. Some people are optimistic, assertive, confident and self-assured. They go after what they want and life gives them whatever they seek. They know that Tools for the Mind™ will open any door, supply any answer, and achieve any dream.

Other people are pessimistic and/or they simply don't have the Tools for the Mind™ that they need. They feel stuck or discouraged. Too often, they give up or start to believe that success is a matter of luck or fate.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Success in life - in any area that is important to you! - is largely a matter of skill + attitude + persistence.

Having a great marriage is not luck! Being a fantastic parent is not "luck"! Building a successful business depends less on the economy or the government than on the owner/manager knowing what to do, and doing it in the right way, at the right time, over and over again! All of these things are skills and attitudes that can be learned!

Fortunately, there are books and tapes and schools and mentors who will teach you! Highly effective people have always longed to teach others. Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous architect, was known for the many interns and students he worked with every year. Successful people write books, teach seminars - they "leave a trail" - and if you are willing to learn, you can achieve almost any success they have achieved!

Now, a word about why "self-help" rarely works. Most often, you'll find the answer in the mirror. My friend, Pat Williams, uses the term "shelf-help" to describe the fact that most people who buy books and audio programs never actually use them! I once heard Tony Robbins say his research showed that over half the people who bought his audio programs never even opened the box! (Can you imagine!?) And, over 93% never finished the entire set. They bought a program that has helped thousands of people, but never found the time to listen to the information, not even one time! Do NOT let that be you!

Buy and READ books! Read on your lunch break, or for a few minutes before breakfast, or before bed. Read to relax. Read while you wait for an appointment. Listen to audio programs in your car or while you exercise. Listen while you wash the dishes. I have a friend who listens (yes, he claims this is true) in the shower!

You CAN experience a life of peace, passion, power, purpose and unusual prosperity! For over 30 years I have had the privilege of helping people do it. I know that people with only average skills and talent (and you certainly are far above average! <g>) can achieve extraordinary results if they will:

  1. Learn the skills - read, listen, get a mentor/coach

  2. Maintain an attitude of optimism, hope and good cheer

  3. Practice, practice, practice - persistence counts!

Here is to developing the Tools for the Mind™ that you need to achieve your goals, create the life you love, and live with JoyFULL Abundance!








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