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FAQ's About Coaches
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Questions and Answers About Coaches and Coaching
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The Basics: What is Coaching?

How Do I Know If I Would Benefit?

Practical Questions: How Does This Work?


What do Personal Coaches do?

Professional Coaches work closely with clients to define and achieve personal goals. Some clients work on specific personal issues like losing weight, quitting smoking or managing their time or money. Other goals are much larger. A majority of Dr Humbert's coaching clients are professionals eager to expand an independent private practice, or executives, managers or owners of businesses who use coaching to take their business to the next level of profitability. 

How do Coaches Work?

Coaching is a very active process. It's a series of commitments between yourself and your coach to learn new skills, change behaviors or think in new ways. Coaches have been compared to mentors who "show you the ropes", but they are more than mentors.  A good Coach will help you find the best that is in you, bring it out, and discover new ways of expressing who you have always been.

Specifically, Coaches make suggestions, help you use what you know, they encourage you, hold you accountable, and help you begin functioning in new, more effective ways.

What would I use a Coach for?

Clients use Coaches to assist them with a broad range of projects, from changing personal habits to working on major life decisions, such as career choice, values, or parenting issues. Typically, potential clients contact Resources for Success! when one or more of the following things have happened:

  1. They have tried and failed to change something that is important to them.
  2. They are facing a significant life change (career change, marriage/divorce, mid-life, etc) and they want support through the process.
  3. They want to define who they are, sort out their values or re-order priorities and they don't want or need counseling, but they do want support and assistance.

How is it Different Than Counseling or Hiring a Consultant?

Coaching is very different than either counseling or consulting. Coaching is rarely concerned with the past, and spends very little time talking about "what if" and "maybe someday". Like a sports coach, a personal Coach is focused on helping you improve your performance, helping you "win" at something that is important to you, although that may not be a traditional competitive activity. Coaching can help you develop behaviors and habits to "win" in the quest for spiritual values or to develop "winning" personal relationships.

Why do you Coach Golfers? Is This Just for Sports? (NO!)

I started Coaching golfers almost by accident. Like many sports, golf is a wonderful mirror for life: It requires focus, concentration, clarity, and relaxation paired with high-performance. And in both golf and life, most people have a basic idea of what to do: live well, play fair, do your best. In fact, most people have had far too much instruction on what to do. Where they struggle is with the "How".

I found that when clients improved their mental skills at work or at home, they often took those same skills to the golf course with remarkable results. And, when I started working with serious golfers and they got their frustrations, distractions and limitations under control, they took those skills to the office, with the same great results. So, it's been a nice mix, and as golfers know, there is no feeling on earth like a relaxed, well-played round of golf!

Are there things about your life you want to change?

Americans have always been a dissatisfied people -- we came to America in search of something and many of us are still looking for it. For many people, that longing remains a vague, unclear sense that never really pushes them to "go for it!" For others, however, there comes a time when they know their day has come. It is time to make their move, and the time is now! These people are "coachable", they're "ready", and dramatic, wonderful changes do happen!

Are there things you've tried, and failed, to change?

Americans "change" every day. We change jobs, move to new cities, get married or divorced. But more and more people are finding that changing things around them doesn't seem to change how they feel on the inside. Many people contact Resources for Success! when they decide there is some area of their life they simply must change. 

As we've said through this page, the "thing" can be very different for different people. What seems small to one person is critically important to another. I learned many years ago that I can never predict what will turn a person's life around. Wherever you choose to begin, when you are ready to create the life you really want, please contact me!

Could you use more support and encouragement in your life?

There's an old song, from the Beatles that says, "I get by with a little help from my friends." There's also a poem that says, "no man [or woman] is an island".

Whether you hire a coach or not, making the most of our lives, fulfilling our potential and pursuing our dreams always requires the support and encouragement of people around us. I find it interesting that every sports team has a coach. And in Court, every person has the right to an attorney (coach) to help them. Businesses hire consultants by the thousands, and brides hire wedding consultants. But the idea of having someone to support and encourage our dreams strikes many people as odd.  Why? Coaches help everyone do their best!

How do I get started?

You begin by finding and interviewing one or more potential coaches, until you find the one who can best assist you. It is important that you are comfortable and confident with the person you choose. It is also important that you get started! "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  If you've read this far, you are clearly motivated.  I hope you will contact me to get started.

How often do I meet with my Coach?

Coaching is done by scheduling a time for you to call your coach. A period of time is set aside for you, and you call your Coach at that time. Typically, you will have a list of projects you are working on and your Coach will discuss them with you, make any suggestions she/he might have, and the two of you will agree on action steps you can take right away. The conversation usually ends with scheduling your next appointment. How often do you call? That varies, but three times per month is very common. It is up to the client and what they believe they need and want. Payment is always taken care of in advance, usually by billing your credit card (VISA, MC, AmEx).

How long would I need a Coach?

Obviously, there is no single answer to that. I've had clients see satisfying results in as little as 1 session, and I have had clients for several years. It is important to view coaching as a long-term investment in your future, however. This is not a "quick fix". Coaching is most effective when it is viewed as a partnership between you and your coach to design and build the life you really want. That does not happen over night! We often work with clients for a year or more to develop skills that will last for a life-time!

How much does Coaching cost?

Here at
Resources for Success!, the basic individual coaching package is $495/month and includes 3 (sometimes 4) coaching sessions each month, plus fax and email support, and additional "spot" calls as needed. A more intense level is also available for clients who want to move quickly and who have the reserves, motivation and determination to utilize a more active style of coaching. 

Here is a key distinction:  I never consider that my clients are buying (or renting) my time.  They are contracting for a partnership and if I agree to coach you, my commitment is to be an effective partner and to do whatever I can to help you achieve the results you seek.

An initial consultation is always free. I ask every new client to make a commitment to themselves to stay with coaching for at least 6 months. Coaching is an on-going process and the most effective and powerful coaching relationships typically last from 6 to 24 months, or longer. (Think of Olympic athletes working with a coach for years!)


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