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Jim Rohn + Philip Humbert!



This Seminar is Now OVER!

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Have YOU been looking for the "tools" to succeed? Have you been looking for the KEY to unlock your future? Or, perhaps the issue is motivation, or structure, or knowing how to put "first things first?"

You've come to the right place!

Jim Rohn has been teaching people to succeed and motivating them to ACTION for over 40 years. His own story is amazing! Raised as a poor farm-boy in Idaho, dropping out of school, barely able to support his young family and living "with pennies in my pocket and nothing in the bank" one day (in his famous story) he even lied to a Girl Scout because he couldn't afford to buy cookies! By his own admission, "You can't get much lower than that!"

Then he met Mr Schoff, the right person at the right time, and that changed everything! Within 6 years, Jim was a millionaire and after that things began to get really interesting!

I've had the tremendous privilege of hearing Jim Rohn many times over the past 24 years. I first heard Jim in Seattle in 1980, and I still remember that this was someone who truly "knows some things I NEED to know - and DO - in my own life." I've been reading Jim's books, listening to his audio programs and attending his seminars ever since.

AND NOW -- for the FIRST TIME -- I am able to share with YOU the insights, the wisdom, the philosophy and the tools that Jim used first, to build his own fortune, and then to help millions of people around the world change THEIR lives, forever!

Already Familiar with Jim Rohn?
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Last week, I attended the Jim Rohn Leadership Event in Anaheim, CA (my third time!) and obtained special permission from Kyle Wilson, President of Jim Rohn International, to share my notes and the KEY pieces of Jim's wisdom and SOLUTIONS with you!

In this one-time 90-minute tele-seminar you will get:

  • Almost 30 pages of my precious notes from this 3-day event suitable for mounting in a ring-binder so you can review and study them - forever!

  • My summaries of Jim's MOST POWERFUL ideas

  • My own additions and up-dates that make Jim's work so powerful, so effective and so respected around the world.

  • Inter-active Q&A so you can APPLY the ideas to YOUR own personal situation!

  • The beauty of Tele-Seminars is real learning, in real time, with real people, just like yourself!

You will learn:

  • The "Four IF's That Make Life Worthwhile"

  • Jim's unique Goal-Setting Workshop (Worth a fortune!)

  • Jim's insights to managing money that can make you RICH!

  • Why Jim INSISTS that clarity about your personal philosophy (purpose, vision, mission and destiny) is absolutely CRITICAL to your success - and how to achieve it!

Ready to Register?


We will record this call and you will receive a link to download and KEEP the audio program forever! (The call will be edited and the audio file will be ready in 10-14 days after the call - you will be notified by email when it's available.)

This BONUS could be worth thousands to you! As I said above, I have heard Jim speak many times. I have over a dozen of his audio programs and I have listened to them over and over again. Now, I am the first to admit that much of the material is the SAME! Certainly, the recordings never change!

Why do I pay to attend the same seminars over and over again? (It cost me over $1500 to fly to Anaheim last week - why would I do that?) Because... each time I hear the material I AM DIFFERENT!

I hear different things! I hear it in a different way! I hear something I didn't hear before, or I understand it in a new way!

Register for this program. Get the recording! Listen to it over and over in the years to come! THAT is how successful people make their fortunes!

You don't do 100 push-ups one day and say, "that's it, I'm in good shape and I'll never have to do that again." NOOOOO!

We maintain physical condition by doing our push-ups every day! Successful people practice the same easy disciplines - EVERY DAY! Successful people attend the seminars, they get the good information, they listen to great presentations and review their notes! The talk with smart people, they ask good questions! And they do it over and over, EVERY DAY!

THAT is the key to ultimate success!


The Details You Need to Know:

  The DATE:   Wednesay, August 11th
  The TIME:   TWO sessions!
 This tele-seminar will be offered at BOTH 12:00 Noon Eastern time and again at 8:00 PM Eastern time. Attend either or both sessions -- your option!
  The COST:   Only $38* for ALL this!
  To Register:   Click Here!


When The Lines Are Taken, There Will Be
NO MORE Opportunity To Participate In This One-Time Event!

You get the Seminar -- attend TWICE if you wish! -- you get over 20 pages of my good notes and observations from "The Jim Rohn Leadership Event" (3-days!), a chance to ask questions and inter-act during the Q&A period, AND the audio recording to review forever!

Immediately after you register, you will receive the phone number and access code in TWO ways:

  • You will be taken to a "Thank You!" registration-confirmation page that will have all the information. Be sure you print it out or write it down.

  • You will also receive an immediate email confirmation with all the information.

  • Shortly before the call you will receive another confirmation email that will ALSO contain a link to get all my notes from the 3-day "Jim Rohn Leadership Event."


Any Questions?

Contact me via email and we'll help you out.



* Fee is for the seminar. Your long-distance provider will charge based on whatever provider or service you use.



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