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This page is designed for:

  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Counselors, Psychologists and Educators
  • Bodyworkers, Therapists & Chiropractors
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Golf Professionals and Golf Instructors

Together We Can Find The Missing Link!
Please Take A Moment To Read This Page

There are three basic ways to make your web site work for you:

  1. Use the search engines and hope people type the right key words
  2. Put your web address (URL) on your other advertising and hope people look you up
  3. Exchange links with other web sites for mutual benefit

Of the three, by far the most effective (and most interesting!) is exchanging links with other sites in ways that benefit both participants. This works for several key reasons:

  • First, major search engines assume that sites with links to them must be important or major sites, and that moves us closer to the top of their lists!
  • Second, if you and I work with similar (but not identical) markets, some of my visitors won't hire me, but they would like to find you. And vice-verse! By exchanging links, we both win!
  • Third, even if our markets are quite different, links make our sites richer, more interesting and more useful as sources of information. That brings more people to our sites, and brings them back more often.

Let's Trade!

At Resources for Success! we have a policy of welcoming appropriate and mutually beneficial links. We have a separate page set up specifically for links to other professionals, and it also contains numerous free give-aways, so it gets lots of traffic. That page is currently getting about 1200 visits per week! If you are interested in a mutually beneficial trade, please send us Email, including your web address (URL), and we'll get back to you. The ideal trade is with a professional or organization that appeals to a similar, but slightly different market, does a good job of marketing their own web site, and is interested in growing. If that's you, contact us!

[Obviously, we also reserve the right to decline links
from sites we don't think will be appropriate or
that our clients might find objectionable.]

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